Monday, July 23, 2012


(1) President down, high percentage of Americans believe in homosexuality and wanted to be accepted as normal and even change the constitution to make homosexuality as normal sex act as they can be. Still we claim we are followers of Christ. (2) Our entertainment media encourages same sex marriage (3) Our boys and girls mature earlier, and watched thousands of sex acts on TV starting childhood, many case with parents’ consent. (4) Parents allow children date opposite sex as early as 14 years. QUESTION: How could one separate our moral bankruptcy from the hypocrisy of NCAA actions against Penn State? How could NCAA punish future students for acts of few coaches of today? No Logic. How could Penn State trustees punish future students for their own mistakes and Pennsylvania Taxpayers? It is time for you act!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


In a democratic system majority do not have the time or ability to analyze the implications of laws of the country. This is the case with President’s proposal of “Buffet rule”.

President Obama urged lawmakers to "make this country a little fairer" and pass legislation that would raise taxes on those making more than $1 million annually.
"Congress is going to vote on what’s called the Buffett Rule: If you make more than $1 million a year, you should pay at least the same percentage of your income in taxes as middle class families do," Obama said in his weekly address. Also he stated it will be 30%.
(1) Calculate tax for a $1,000,000 income without the deductions for a Single: $327,300 which is 32.7%. Obama is proposing only 30% tax. That is a lower tax
(2) Obama’s claim Buffet’s Secretary pays 30% tax rate. Using tax code, income needed for 30% tax for a Single person is: Over $370,000
Which secretary gets over $370, 000 salaries? Not even Obama’s Secretary of state.
ISSUE IS NOT TAX CODE. Buffet is using all kinds of loopholes in the tax code which cannot be used by a salaried person like a Doctor or lawyer. Salaried persons do pay more than Obama’s proposed 30% Tax rate. So As Ryan’s proposal, get ride of all tax loopholes. You don’t need an additional “tax trick”, such as “Buffet rule”
(2) Obama’s Commission proposed changes in the income and tax code, but President did not say a word about in his annual address to congress. But a private Person like Buffet, said some meaningless statement on tax, President took that as “God’s world” and asking Congress to create another loophole in the tax code.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Santoyum said:"
"We will compete everywhere," Santorum pledged. "The time is now for conservatives to pull together. The time is now to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election, and the best chance to win this election is to nominate a conservative to go up against Barack Obama." Republicans cannot beat Obama by concentrating on Conservatives. alone. Even Sarah Palin in the ticket, well-respected McCain failed to defeat a "battered Obama" in 20008 because independents failed to support McCain with Palin in the ticket. Same failure will take place if Santorum is the nominee in 2012.
If Republicans want to take white house, they should give-up their ultra religious conservative ideas of 17th & 18th century (Christ is God and the followers will control world ultimately) and adapt a modern political agenda based on "tolerance". That was the way Reagan "Won" the white house.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Recent child abuse report by former Penn State assistant football coach shows only one side of the story: blame game by reporters and “lack of backbone for the university administrators.

To start with, homosexuality was prevalent in the human history but was not “open”. Religious writings of several world religions indicate the existence of “homosexuality” even in the BCs.

Why it is so prevalent and “open” now? Answer is in the recent changes in social rules.

For example take all the 8 items listed below and ask yourself: Why should children wait until 18 years to have sex of homosexual activities? Why do they have to reject the advances of adults? Many children consider themselves as adults and Society encourage children to act adults during the teenage years

(1)Government and major corporations accepted homosexual relationships by giving benefits to partners
(2)State Governments are accepting homosexual marriages as equal to conventional marriages
(3)Publically Gays and lesbian organizations demonstrate in the street for “openness”
(4)Courts accept “homosexuality” is normal
(5)Teenage pregnancy is not vehemently opposed by the society, but even it is encouraged by the actions of the society by distribution of condoms, open discussion in the class room, parents’ negligence on boys’ responsibility to teenage pregnancy. Etc.
(6)Our lack of understanding on the early maturity of children believing the artificial 18 years is the right yard stick. Children could marry much lower age than 18 years in many countries, olden times it was common even in this country.
(7)Now many Children do mature during the early teenage years. If they mature early why not have the same rights of adults?
(8)Teenagers drink, smoke, take drugs, drive and having sex. They are all accepted by the society


TEENAGERS AND CHILDREN WATCH THE SOCIAL CHANGES AND ACCEPT HOMOSEXALITY AS ALSO NORMAL. Children always want to be grownups because they believe they deserve all rights of the adults. As a result, they will not oppose an adult’s approach to them for sex. “It is normal, Why not?” That is their question!
In their mind “homo sexuality is normal, adults could do it, I am mature, then why not I could do the same”

Now when a child abuse happen “openly”, all newspapers jump in and blame the adult for the act, which is right to do so, but also blame “all the people those who know him”.
That is the case with Joe Pa at Penn State. Even Trustees jump into the bandwagon.
Let the court decide the case. Moral issues? Are you kidding? Those who talk about others’ moral issues should also open their own historical library!. Joe PA is not responsible for keeping everyone in the “moral football court”. Can we keep all our friends in a moral world?
Did we blame Pope for the abuses of the children by church few church officials, even could dismiss them? Did we ask Pope to leave office? No. Joe Pa could not fire an assistant Coach. He could report the act and he did!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Over the last 300 years, Europe exploited rest of the world for raw materials and man power to live like Kings of the World. 1947 onwards, the Empires started burning down. Europe’s economy started going down and down and many European countries became one of the so-called third world nations and at the same time new economic powers mushrooming around the globe: China, India, Brazil, South America and many smaller countries Singapore, Thailand.
Now Oil–rich Muslim Middle East countries are showing internal conflict. In the name of democracy, US-led western nations started interfering in the internal affairs of these countries. Is it starting of a new economic colonialism even though that is not in the American calendar. The hypocrisy of these interventions needs to be examined.
Take for example, United Nations Security council voted to interfere in Libya without the approval of countries representing 60% of the population. Security Council was persuaded by UK, France and USA.

Let us compare Libya’s “freedom fighters” and actions taken by UN+France+UK+USA together to other similar agitations of the world for the last 10 years
Countries // Action taken by UN+USA // Reason for “no action”
(1) China suppresses Tibet & Muslim people: // None // Rich, Big Nuclear
(2) North Korea // None // Nuclear
(3) India (Kashmir) // None // Rich, Big, Nuclear
(4) Russia (Chechnya) // None // Rich, Big, Nuclear
(5) Israel (Palestine) // None // Friend, Jewish
(6) Iran //None //Big Oil, Nuclear (?)
(7) Saudi. Arabia // None // Big oil
(8) Yemen // None // Terrorism friendly
(9) Bahrain // None // Military Base
(10) Many African Countries // None // Small, (?)

Why the differences in action taken by the so-called Peaceful nations of Western Europe and USA except, Libya is small and oil rich, probably easy to control if agitators get rid of the present Government. United Nations Security Council should explain the differences of these countries with that of Libya.

Each country should have the right to decide what political system that they want, rather than white western world tell them what they can have. That is new type of colonialism supported by United Nations Security Council.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Let us Examine based on most recent Voting and Decision to Bomb Libya.
Definition of Democracy: “Rule of the Majority”.

United Nations Security Council of 15 nations represents the world population. Obama said regarding the Libyan bombing vote: It was ‘almost unanimous”. There is no “almost unanimous”, either unanimous or not. Brazil, China, Germany, India and Russia did not vote. That constitutes over 60% of the population.
Obama should not know “what democracy is?" He is supporting democratically elected Senators from Wisconsin to stay away in Illinois and encouraged their non-democratic actions. We preach democracy, but we do not practice actual democracy in our Nation. US Senate do not represent US population. We are republic, not democratic republic.
There is a difference.

So UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL is not democratic even though they passed a resolution to intend to create democracy in Libya...



This is nothing to do with Obama alone, but to all recent Presidents including Bush II. Before getting into the Oval Office , they should know the Modern World History, not just knowing Medieval History on how to spread Christianity into the world or spreading of Islam during 6th to 12 Century. The methods used to spread christanity and Islam does not work in the modern world, probably the methods used by Buddhism should work well, that is let the people decide.

NOW: As I said earlier in an article that Islam is not ready for democracy, don’t try to impose on them, like the methods used to convert people to Christianity and Islam. The fate of democracy is clearly visible throughout Islamic world, it does not work. Pakistan tried several times, and failed. Russians tried to change the Islamic way of life in Afghanistan, but failed, of course with our help with money and weapons. We tried in Afghanistan and still trying. Now we are spending Billions of borrowed dollars in Iraq, Afghanistan, now in Libya. Why? Are we still trying to spread Democracy like we did spreading Christianity? World Changed. Accept reality of the world and our bad economic position in the world.

Democracy is not for all people, you cannot impose on them. When and if people are ready, they will accept without the preaching of the Clinton or Obama. Religions do play an important role. Look over the Modern History. !947. Indian sub continent divided into two, based on religion. Same people lived together for thousands of years with the same conditions except their religious believes: Hinduism and Islam. When they divided based on religion, one became democratic and other became autocratic even though leaders of both groups wanted democracy.

Clinton or Obama or Bush cannot impose democracy like medieval methods used to convert people to Christianity or to Islam. Stop trying.